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A real eye-opener 

Youthful and fresh looks have been the centre of attention for a long time. WONDERSTRIPES® Cosmetics have found effective means that will help you defy those first signs of ageing and retain your youthful looks with small yet incredibly effective means

Ranja Hanano, the founder and owner of the Hamburg-based company WONDERSTRIPES® Cosmetics, knows how to make you glow. “We founded WONDERSTRIPES® Cosmetics in 2013 with the aim to seek out and promote the latest and most innovative beauty trends. One of our first products were our legendary Beauty Tapes that optically correct the upper eye lid. These stripes open the eye, make it seem brighter and bigger, thus giving the wearer an overall more radiant look,“ says Hanano, recounting the first big success of her company.

Products like moisturising and refreshing Hydrogel Eye Pads or anti-ageing, lifting Second Skin Bio Cellulose Face Mask have since been added to 

WONDERSTRIPES® Cosmetics’ beauty collection and continue to amaze their users with instant results. 

Wellness goes with WONDERSTRIPES® Cosmetics’ beauty products. “Our products can easily be integrated into your daily beauty routine or a luxurious wellness day. Particularly our eye pads and face mask have become indispensable travel companions that pamper your skin effectively even after a long day on a plane,” says Hanano, praising the advantages of WONDERSTRIPES® Cosmetics’ easy-to-use products that will bring back that special glow to your face in no time at all.